The following rules are what we expect of our swimmers:

  • Swimmers should pay attention to the lesson and try their hardest. They should not try to disrupt the lessons as this could interfere with the training of other swimmers. When representing the club (e.g. a gala) swimmers should set a good example to other swimmers of how to behave in a sensible way.


  • Parents should try and advise the coach if their swimmer cannot participate for a certain reason when selected for a gala. This will let other swimmers have an opportunity to participate. Parents should also encourage their swimmer/s and make sure they take the coaches advice.


  • Swimmers need to arrive on time and parents should make sure that they behave in a good manner. If swimmers fees are not paid we regret we will have no alternative but to exclude swimmers from the water. If you have a genuine difficulty paying fees, please do not hesitate to speak to a member of staff who will be happy to discuss this in confidence.


  • Parents should also feel free to approach any of the staff and ask any questions or anything they feel is appropriate (e.g. Swimmer feels uncomfortable) and the executive will try to sort this out.


Our coaches are always happy to help, and are good friends with the swimmers. For this reason, swimmers find it easy to obey these simple rules.