Here are our prices for 2015, note that these only cover the cost of the pool and do not make a profit for the club:

Confused? Want help? Then click here to contact us or click here to apply for a free trial session.

Annual Membership (Everyone pays this.) £40.00
Although we are a voluntary club we can offer good coaching as our coaches have 35 years experience. Merton Pisces try’s to give swimmers the best possible training they can for the best prices. New swimmers are always welcome into the club.

Membership fees (Quarterly)

Morden Baths – Teaching Pool – £65.00

Morden Baths – Main Pool (Tuesday and Fridays) – £77.00

Wimbledon College  (Tuesdays and Thursdays + Fridays at Morden Baths) – £93.00

Sunday 3-5 Pm £5.00

Club swimming costumes – Girls (Required)

Large – £18.00

Club swimming costumes – Boys (Required)

Large – £11.00

Small – £10.00

Competition Trunks (Long) – £26.00

Club swimming hats (Required)

White – £2.50

Green – £5.50

Fins (Replaced for free if grown out of) – £10.00

New club swimming bag – £20.00

All items are available through Harry or our contact form, more items are available to buy from Harry.